He has completely lost his mind.

Extreme anti-Trump activist Rob Reiner is back on social media attacking Trump and all his supporters.

He recently called Trump a “sociopath” and stated that Trump does not care if his supporters die.

Reiner wrote, “Feeling Americans are devastated by the heartbreaking loss of life from the dual viruses of racism and corona. Our President, a sociopath, doesn’t care. He’s even ok if his cult followers in Tulsa die. Nov. 3 can’t come soon enough.”

Reiner is off his rocker because it would not make sense for Trump to hold a rally if he knew it would not be safe. Obviously all safety procedures will be upheld. Trump’s campaign manager even tweeted:

So no Rob, Trump cares about what happens to his supporters and will do his upmost to make sure everyone of the people who show up to the rally are safe.

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