Apparently showing your patriotism and love for America’s president is now a crime.

Students at Perry High School in Gilbert, Arizona, say that they were asked to leave campus for wearing “Make America Great Again” clothing, and for displaying a pro-Trump flag on “USA Day,” part of the school’s “Spirit Week.”

Several students at Perry High School in Arizona say that they were disrespected by school staff and asked to leave campus for wearing MAGA clothing, as well as bringing a pro-Trump flag to school, according to a local report by AZ Family.

The students brought the pro-Trump merchandise to school as part of Perry High School’s “USA Day” — a patriotic-themed event on Friday, which was the last day of the school’s “Spirit Week.”

One student told AZ Family that he had been asked by different teachers and faculty members to remove his MAGA clothing throughout the day, and was accused of being “disrespectful.”

The student added that one faculty member told him, “you should not be wearing that” and “take this off. If I see you with it again, you’ll get in trouble. I’ll write you up. I’ll tell your coach.”

The student claims that his coach later made him do 1,000 up-downs for being “disrespectful.”

When school had ended for the day, the students said they went outside to take photos with their MAGA gear, at which point, they were approached by a school resource officer, who then asked them to “take off the merchandise” and “get off campus.”

Another student, who had worn a red MAGA sweatshirt to school on Friday, was reportedly suspended from school for ten days for allegedly being “defiant.” The student says that she was suspended for refusing to talk to the front office until her mother arrived.

The school district told AZ Family that the student had been suspended for “an unrelated matter,” but would not elaborate.

The mother of another student involved in the incident, Jennifer Farris, arrived at Perry High School on Friday to get answers from the school’s principal about what had happened.

Farris told Breitbart News that the principal denied claims that the scrutiny was over the students wearing MAGA clothing, but was rather, over their “disrespect for the flag,” implying that the incident was about the American flag.

Farris then asked to see the flag in question, at which point, one student took a flag out of her backpack that read, “Trump — Make America Great Again.”

The mother then turned to the principal to ask if that flag was not allowed on campus. The principal responded by stating, “campus disruption,” and then asked Farris to leave the building.

Farris added that she was then trespassed from the school and forced to leave the property.

Breitbart News has contacted the school for comment, but it has not replied as of the time of this writing. This is a developing story — follow Breitbart News for updates.

Src: Breitbart