This is what he said…

HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Brett Giroir recently revealed that dining outdoors with safe separation has not revealed to have caused any outbreak of coronavirus and is therefore not a risk factor.

Giroir stated, “The data are clear that outdoor dining, with appropriate separation, is not a risk factor, same thing with outdoor bars with appropriate separation. I even went back to the CDC and said, ‘Have there been any outbreaks traced to outdoor dining with appropriate separation?’ They said, no, they don’t have it. So, this is one of those overreactions. … If you take away everyone’s privileges, they’re not going to believe anything you say, particularly if you’re not science-based, and they’re going to react to that. If you can’t do anything, you’re going to have a house party, and it’s going to be even worse.”

Read the full article here and listen to an audio of his statement here.

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