Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” recently interviewed a Harvard Law professor who recanted his original stance with President Obama. He referenced a photo in which President Barack Obama was seen standing with Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan.

Dershowitz firmly said that he would not have supported Obama’s campaign in the first place if he had been aware of the picture prior to 2008.

Dershowitz said, “Louis Farrakhan is a virulent anti-Semite.”

“He’s called Judaism a ‘gutter religion.’ He’s anti-American. He is a horrible, horrible human being.”

Dershowitz continued to explain, “And if I had known that the president had posed, smilingly, with him when was a senator, I would not have campaigned for Barack Obama. It would have influenced my decision. Look, I threatened to leave the party if Keith Ellison were elected as chairman because of his association with Farrakhan. You don’t associate with a bigot. You don’t associate with an anti-Semite. There should be zero tolerance for that kind of bigotry — and if Barack Obama associated with him, if the Black Caucus invited him, I don’t blame them for trying to suppress the truth because that’s a really horrible truth.”