President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for ambassador to the United Nations was grilled at her confirmation hearing Wednesday about the differences between her policy positions and statements and promises Trump has made in the past. In summing up their differences, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said that his national security team is looking towards educating and informing him about those issues which they disagree on.

Haley was reluctant to admit that they had not yet discussed many of those disagreements at length, only allowing that they were discussed, but not in depth. On whether the issue of Russia had come up, she answered, “yes it did, just from the standpoint of that we were gonna have issues with Russia.” With China, similarly, “The same thing, it was more about the issues that we had and the countries we were gonna have them with. But it didn’t go into detail about what those were going to be.”

When asked if she agreed with Trump’s controversial statement that, “Vladimir Putin has been a stronger better leader than Angela Merkel,” Haley spun his position into a vague notion of trying to get along with other leaders. “I think that what he is looking at just like he’s look at associations, he’s at opportunities and he’s trying to find opportunities where he can relate to different leaders and work with different leaders,” she offered.

Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire told Haley she was, “disturbed between the differences between her testimony and Trump’s statements.”

Haley pushed back on some of what Trump critiqued about the United Nations, saying, “I want to bring back faith to the UN. I want to show that we can be a strong voice in the UN. I want to show that we can have progress and have action in the UN…. and thats how I will show him that the UN matters.”


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