Upon assuming the presidency, many observers expressed reservations about what a Trump administration foreign policy would look like. More than any other representative of President Donald Trump’s government, United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has answered those critics.

At the UN, Haley has articulated a clear vision of how America would handle itself on the world stage: a stalwart friend to its allies, fearsome foe to its enemies, and consistent voice of reason in a forum often governed by the whims of authoritarian regimes and violent special interests.

This week, for example, Haley made clear the Trump administration would stop at nothing to curb dictator Kim Jong-un’s threats in North Korea and uproot Iranian terror proxies from Syria.

We’re not ruling anything out,” Haley told reporters on Wednesday in response to what the United States would do in response to North Korea’s latest missile tests, which Pyongyang openly admitted were in preparation for an attack on U.S. bases in Japan. She offered a staunch defense of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system: “We are not going to leave South Korea standing there with the threat of North Korea facing them and not help. The reason for THAAD is because of the actions of North Korea.”

Both China and Russia, permanent members of the UN Security Council, disapprove of the deployment of THAAD in South Korea. The system allows South Korea to reach deep into both countries, as well as North Korea, to destroy any missiles heading its way.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2017/03/14/at-u-n-nikki-haley-has-become-the-conscience-of-the-trump-administration/