Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently gave a speech which resulted in Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) reacting harshly calling the Trump administration an administration “full of liars.”

Brown stated, “Look, we know the Trump administration is full of liars. They have pleaded guilty already to the special counsel. Under the laws of California, nothing stops the federal government from coming to the jails. The release records are public. There is nothing that stops a sheriff who runs the jails from working with ICE. There is nothing in the law that prevents ICE from working in our prisons and working with our Department of Corrections. Beyond that, the most serious crimes are exempted. So in many ways, there’s many layers of protection. What Jeff Sessions said is simply not true. And I call him to apologize to the people of California for bringing the mendacity of Washington to California and trying to insert discord and division, and I might add dysfunctionality, in a state that’s really working. Let’s build some bridges, not walls.”

“This is completely unprecedented for the chief law-enforcement of the United States to come out here and engage in a political stunt, making wild accusations which are based on outright lies. That is unusual. Particularly a fellow coming from Alabama talk to us about succession and protecting human and civil rights. I do think this is pure red meat for the base. I would assume, but this is pure speculation, that Jeff thinks Donald will be happy with him and I’m sure Donald will be tweeting his joy at this particular performance. But it’s not about law enforcement, it is not about justice, and it really demeans the high office he was appointed to.”