This one has to hurt.

According to The Daily Wire, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema slammed President Joe Biden stating that he needs to control the border crisis.

“So the reality is, is that this is a crisis. We all know it,” Sinema said on Thursday. “And the federal government must do more to address this surge of migrants who are coming to the border with increasing numbers each year. And I’m like, you probably know this, but we’re looking at numbers this year that are the highest numbers of crossings that we’ve seen in 20 years in Arizona.”

“So we really are seeing how this problem has been exacerbated and gotten worse,” Sinema added.

“And literally the mayor is putting these folks in his vehicle and driving them to Tucson or Phoenix to get them to shelters,” Sinema said. “That’s not acceptable.” You can read the full article here.

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