Trump is furious over this.

According to Breitbart News, Fox News host Chris Wallace attacked President Donald Trump stating he “doesn’t at this point seem to have a handle” on the coronavirus.

“I think that on the biggest issue that’s out there, the coronavirus, that he doesn’t at this point seem to have a handle on the best way to handle it both in terms of policy and in terms of politics,” Wallace said. “He is sitting there saying, well, the only reason we have more cases is because we have more testing. All the indications are that yes, testing has increased, but the spread of cases, the positivity rate has increased much more and he seems to be at loggerheads with some of his own top public health officials like Dr. Fauci, like Dr. Redfield, the head of the CDC.”

“I’m not sure that’s a winning strategy in terms of dealing with the coronavirus and at least if you look at the polls,” he added. “And one of the internal polls that we have shows that the public by 17 points trusts Biden more than the president in dealing with the coronavirus. It seems to me he’s got to find a way to answer and to deal with that and to reassure people he is taking the virus seriously and has a plan for it.” You can read the full article here.