They are enraged because they know he’s right.

During a Fox News segment, host Tucker Carlson chastised the message Michelle Obama was trying to convey during her presentation at the DNC. He believed she was trying to describe herself as a victim.

Calrson said, “Michelle Obama could teach a master’s class in this mode of communication. Last night she delivered a taped address from her $11 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard. Michelle Obama, it’s fair to say, has done pretty well for herself. But what she wanted you to know last night was that she is still a victim — she and everyone who looks like her, so shut up and accept her dominion over you.”

“We don’t want to be too harsh about this. We’re not lawyers, but we understand the constitutional limits of the First Amendment is now defined — no shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, no criticizing Michelle Obama. We know that, so we’re going to say this as gently as possible, meaning absolutely no disrespect, and of course being certain to pronounce everyone’s name correctly — but what you heard was just a total and complete crock. A never-ending list of innocent people of color continue to be murdered? That’s what Michelle Obama told us.”

Carlson also added stating that they way the Left were acting was the same way Scientologists would act when listening to their founder L. Ron Hubbard talk.

“[Y]ou probably still think of the left as secular, but not anymore. They are fervent religious fanatics. Michelle Obama is their L. Ron Hubbard. Everything she does is good by definition. She’s the most beautiful, the smartest, the wisest.”

Read and watch a clip of the statements here.

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