Here’s what she said…

Former Republican Rep. Mia Love recently called out Republicans for trying to remove Rep. Liz Cheney’s leadership role.

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked Love, “What’s your response to this growing tension within the House Republican Leadership?”

Love responded saying, “I would like to issue a warning. I mean, removing Liz Cheney, who is the highest-ranking female in the House of Representatives, she actually is the only woman in leadership. You’re going to remove her, and then this idea that we want to replace her with another woman is quite offensive. It’s almost as if they’re saying you can only go so far, and if you don’t agree with everything we are saying, we are going to pick somebody else. That is the message the American people are getting. It doesn’t look good for the GOP. They should, however, focus on the out-of-control spending and some of the other things that they’ve got a lot of ammunition for, but that’s not what they’re doing. They’re focusing on ousting each other.”

Read the full story and watch a clip here.

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