In the wake of the heinous Las Vegas attack, firearms instructor Mike Brown used a Facebook video to destroy the left’s knee jerk reaction of blaming guns instead of blaming people who use guns criminally.

Brown’s video starts by showing him sitting behind a desktop with three guns in front of him: a Smith & Wesson .38 Special revolver, a Sig Sauer MPX, and a Glock 19.

He looked into the camera and said he was going to do an experiment “in light of the recent gun control debate that we [knew] was for sure to come.” He loads each of the weapons then lays them on the table—all pointing away from him—and waits. His intentions are to see if the guns will turn toward him and open fire. He says he is “trying to see if guns actually kill people.” That is, he is testing the left’s often-stated claim that ‘guns kill.’

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