An erotic, gay BDSM store which is famous for selling sexual clothing, has recently come under heavy fire for sexualizing a 9-year-old boy dressed like a drag queen for their magazine.

The child who prefers to be called “Queen Lactatia,” is seen standing in sexualized positions wearing a sequin onesie.

After heavy concern from Facebook and Twitter users, the owner of House of Mann, Brandon Hilton, who sells products such as BDSM sex harnesses, bondage gloves, jock straps, and nipple pasties responded, “[I] woke up to countless tweets telling me ‘kill yourself’ and calling me a ‘pedo’ after we announced 9 year old drag superstar Lactatia as our new HOUSE OF MANN covergirl… If you can’t handle a kid in a sequin onesie, maybe the future isn’t for you!”

“I think this new generation of drag kids is brilliant and inspiring!”

His mother has come on T.V. before and stated things such as,

“I think it’s extremely important to allow your children to really tap into their creative side, encourage and foster that independent spirit and being an individual.”

“I encourage all parents with their kids, if they have a passion, support it and let them do it.”