Nancy Pelosi, the former House Speaker from California, has been instructed to leave her private Capitol office by the new acting House Speaker.

This move was verified by Fox News Digital, with acting House Speaker Patrick McHenry, a Republican from North Carolina, being the one to issue the directive. McHenry is known to be close to the recently deposed House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, also from California.

Upon assuming his role, one of McHenry’s initial actions was this eviction order.

Pelosi first got wind of her eviction through an email, which was initially reported by Politico. The communication stated that her office was now being reserved for “speaker office use” and instructed, “Please vacate the space tomorrow, the room will be re-keyed.”

On Tuesday, Pelosi relocated from her office, assisted by the team of House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries from New York, as relayed by a representative for Pelosi.

In the Senate, such Capitol offices are common, but only a select group of House members have this privilege.

Pelosi commented on this development, “In the midst of critical issues that the new Republican Leadership has to address, one of their initial moves was to ask me to vacate my Capitol office.” She added that she was in California paying respects to her late friend, Senator Dianne Feinstein, which made it impossible for her to collect her personal items.

Pelosi highlighted that this move was a break from the usual practice. She recalled that, during her tenure as Speaker, she had allocated a spacious office suite to former Speaker Dennis Hastert for an indefinite period.

Pelosi further mentioned that while the office space isn’t a priority for her, it seems to matter to the new leadership. She expressed hope that they would now focus on crucial matters affecting Americans.

This eviction took place shortly after McCarthy was displaced from his role. A group of eight House Republicans, spearheaded by Rep. Matt Gaetz from Florida, joined hands with all House Democrats to unseat McCarthy. Pelosi, however, didn’t participate in the vote as she was in California, attending Senator Feinstein’s funeral.