Pence Highlights Irony in Biden’s Border Wall Decision During Iowa Visit

During an Iowa campaign event, former Vice President Mike Pence pointed out the recent decision by the Biden administration to commence border wall construction in Texas. Pence remarked on the irony, noting Biden’s past criticism of the idea. “It’s quite surprising to see the Biden administration’s recent move to build parts of the wall,” Pence commented. “But as the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

The Biden team confirmed on Thursday that they would bypass 26 federal rules to initiate the building of a 20-mile stretch of the border wall in Texas, utilizing funds reserved during the Trump era. This move has caused rifts among Democrats and has been criticized by many Republicans since Biden has steered clear of such projects up to this point.

Pence felt the move was insufficient, stating, “Let’s not be misled. 26 miles isn’t the complete solution.” He then added his commitment, saying, “If I become the U.S. President, I’m committed to completing the wall.”

While many Democrats view this construction decision as backtracking on prior commitments, some see it as essential for controlling the border. “It’s a vital action to aid the Texas border areas that are currently grappling with a spike in migrant entries,” stated Rep. Colin Allred (D-Texas).

Defending the decision, President Biden explained that due to legal constraints, the allocated funds had to be used for the designated purpose. “The funds were set aside for the wall. I attempted to redirect them, but couldn’t,” he said. “By law, the money can only be used for its intended purpose, and I’m bound by that.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas emphasized the need for the construction for enhanced border security. “The current situation demands immediate physical barriers and roads near the U.S. border to deter unauthorized entries,” he expressed.