Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View” is aggressively attempting to pin the act of treason on President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Behar stated on “The View”, “For two years we’ve been saying to ourselves, ‘How did the Russians know where to put the anti-Hillary ads? How do they know to put them in these conservative districts and these liberal districts?’ Well, you don’t have to be Russian to be a spy in this country. You can be an American like Manafort who spoke to the Russians and gave them the polling. So from that information, the Russians you know, ‘Oh see, Staten Island is conservative, Kalamazoo, maybe not so much. Now we know where to focus our ads.’ And that’s what he did. That to me is treason. That is treason. The question is what did Trump know? According to Trump he hardly knew Manafort. Yeah, really? He was his campaign manager for a little while, and that was when this was going on. So Trump, he always acts like he knows nothing, but on the other hand, he knows everything.”

Adding, “Lock them up. Lock them all up. Bye-bye.”

Was there any justification in any of Behar’s comments? These Russian interference rumors have been pushed by the left since President Trump has taken office and there has yet to be any substantial evidence proving that Trump has been directly involved.