You might recall how during the 2016 presidential season, Bernie Sanders lauded Denmark as a model for how the economic system in America should be changed, asserting that the U.S. could learn from the way the Danes have “gone a long way to ending the enormous anxieties that comes with economic insecurity.”

Illustrating how misguided Sanders is and was, Denmark’s government, turning away from its leftist ways, has proposed a broad range of tax cuts that encourage the populace to work.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen’s government announced it wants to cut Denmark’s tax burden by 3.7 billion, with the cuts phased in through 2025. The government will “monitor” the corporate tax rate as well.

Finance Minister Kristian Jensen stated, “With this proposal, we’re tackling a number of concrete challenges. We’re increasing the gains associated with working, we’re making it more attractive to work more and we’re ensuring that it’s more worthwhile to save up toward retirement.”


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