When will these people stop?

Recently on NBC, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) blasted President Trump and claimed that it was “dangerous” of him to not take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

According to Breitbart, Manchin stated, “In my beautiful little state of West Virginia, you know we have 800 deaths have been registered, 17,000 cases, Chuck, and we are now having 1,000 cases a day. We have never ever ever seen this. Never thought we would. And we’re going into the most challenging, difficult time. So, absolutely we’re concerned. The Senate in Washington, as far as all of us, 100, most everybody is wearing a mask. The Senate Democrats, we haven’t met, as a group, since it started in March of this past — of this year. So, we’ve been very, very diligent about that. Now, our Republican colleagues are doing the same. They’re not meeting. They’re doing more Zooms like we have been doing all along. So everyone, I believe, is taking this more serious. The president has not. It’s been part of his political posturing. It’s very dangerous. It’s extremely dangerous. You know over— what close to 280,000 deaths, so far? It’s unbelievable, Chuck.”

You can watch a clip of Manchin’s comments here.

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