It’s almost like they are wishing for the worst.

Today on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) condemned the coronavirus relief package claiming it won’t work as an economic stimulus.

According to Breitbart, Manchin doubted that the money spent will “magically jump” the economy.

“We know we have to help all the industries stay afloat,” Manchin stated. “Right now, the frontline is the virus itself. You can’t throw enough money at this, Alisyn, and basically think the economy is just going to magically jump back when people are basically sheltering in place, not leaving, they’re scared. We want to make sure that we have treatment, we want to make sure that we a vaccine that works, all these things, and the health care is stable enough that we can be there to protect it. That’s what we have do.”

“We already have a system in place to get checks, waive the waiting period of one week or so, let’s get it moving. And basically, what we’re doing is doubling up and trying to help them recover as quickly as we can to have money in their pockets to be able do something,” Manchin said. “That’s where the crux of the money from the Democrats was going to the workers.” You can watch a clip of Manchin’s comments here.