Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, slammed the masses of anti-Trump protesters that have taken to the streets since Election Day on Wednesday night, saying their actions “degrade the office of the presidency.”

The former Trump campaign manager has been harshly critical of the protests, condemning a protester’s call for violence that was televised on CNN and asking for Democratic leaders like President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to speak out against incitement.

Speaking Wednesday night to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, an open supporter of Trump, Conway was asked if she had ever felt the urge to gripe about and contest the results of an election. Conway first quipped that she been known to pick herself up after a loss with a cognac and a cigar before laying into the anti-Trump movement.

“Certainly not to degrade the office of the presidency or cry crocodile tears into that cognac about who won the election,” she said.

“I was raised the way you were raised. Very humble beginnings. But, most importantly, we were raised to respect the office of the presidency and current occupant and the flag,” the New Jersey native said to Hannity.

Conway also ripped protesters for using the same critiques as those lodged against Trump prior to his election, saying that his victory proved those arguments had been rebuked.

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