This will not end well…

Recently, CNN host Don Lemon decided to attack President Trump for not wearing a mask. Lemon stated that Trump was too “afraid” of wearing a mask and berated him for his “disgraceful tactic of stoking a culture war over masks.”

Lemon said, “The president, he’s afraid, quite frankly, to be seen wearing a mask. OK? He’s afraid to be seen wearing a mask. He’s afraid to be seen doing the right thing. And as a result… he’s going to goad millions of people who follow him away from something that could save their life or the life of someone they love.”

Lemon doesn’t seem to realize that Trump gets tested often to make sure his health is optimum. There is no need for any healthy individual to restrict themselves and wear a mask.

It also makes no sense that just because Trump is not wearing a mask, he is not doing the “right thing.” Trump is using all he has in his power to make sure the virus is either eradicated or subdued.

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