This is a turn of events…

CNN News Anchor Dana Bash recently commended President Trump on his actions for combating the coronavirus. She said, “If you look at the big picture, this was remarkable from the president of the United States. This is a non-partisan, this is an important thing to note and to applaud from an American standpoint, from a human standpoint.”

She stated the Trump’s recent public presentation was “an example of him being ‘the kind of leader that people need.'”

Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom also praised President Trump in his handling of the outbreak. Bash did have to note that she was praising Trump’s press conference because it deserved praise, just like she bashed how Trump downplayed the severity of the virus because it deserved to be called out.

This probably came as a shock to Democrats who are bashing Trump for no good reason. If he does something good, they will try to find something bad about it.

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