It’s time they know…

Many lawmakers are starting to talk about China’s role in the coronavirus, and Senator Martha McSally is one of them. She wants to make sure that China pays for the damages they have caused the world.

During an interview, McSally stated that manufacturing returning to the U.S. is one way to hold China accountable. She said, “[T]hey are now making masks in America because we need to bring that supply chain home from China.”

“I think Americans have woken up. President Trump has always known China has been on a path to try to replace us as a global leader. He has stood up to them and this virus that has China to blame.”

“They need to be held accountable for it. We need to ensure that they pay. American lives have been lost because of China’s coverup, their propaganda, their irresponsibility, their reckless and dangerous behavior. I’m working with President Trump and his administration, and we will hold China accountable and bring manufacturing home like we saw today in Arizona.”

Watch the interview here.

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