New York Democratic Representative Jamaal Bowman set off a fire alarm in one of the Congressional office buildings, causing a flurry of activity as Congress members tried to prevent an imminent government shutdown, according to the House Administration Committee.

The Committee’s Chair, Republican Bryan Steil of Wisconsin, confirmed that an inquiry into the incident is in progress. Reports from both Fox News and its digital platform indicate that Bowman is currently speaking with the Capitol Police’s investigative division.

“Earlier today, in the Cannon building, a fire alarm was activated by Rep. Jamaal Bowman. We are currently looking into the reasons behind this action,” commented Steil.

Informants have mentioned the availability of footage capturing the event, though it has not been made public yet.

This occurred shortly after the House Republicans revealed their intentions to expedite a temporary funding measure, a continuing resolution (CR), for consideration on the House floor this Saturday. Concurrently, a similar CR is under review in the Senate.

The sudden announcement took the Democrats by surprise, leading them to voice concerns about the limited time provided to go through the extensive bill, which spans over 70 pages.