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BREAKING: Epstein’s Autopsy Reveals SHOCKING Truth

It’s a liberals worst nightmare…

Jeffrey Epstein’s injuries that led to his death are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation than by hanging, autopsy results have revealed.

The autopsy found that Epstein sustained numerous breaks in his neck bones.

“Among the bones broken in Epstein’s neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam’s apple,” reports the Washington Post. “Such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation, the experts said.”

Officials have refused to comment on the new information from Epstein’s autopsy.

As we previously reported, shrieking and shouting was heard from Jeffrey Epstein’’s cell on the morning he died, while one of Epstein’s guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center was not a regular corrections officer.

Epstein is said to have hanged himself using bedsheets, although a former inmate at the same facility this would have been impossible because they’re not much stronger than paper.

Src: Summit News


  1. Fact is someone was in there attempt to reason with him and they argued and Epstein wouldn’t follow the other finally got pissed at his talking back attitude and the guy Karate chopped to throat in front this broke the Hyoid bone and OMG the PAIN!!!!! He realized he fucked up and snapped neck in a choke hold, End of Story That is what happened…. The Pitt Bull sent to deal with Epstein well his wife is soon to move into a nice new home as is the guys mom somehow they just had a distant relative unknown relative die and left each 500k
    stay tune I have more??????


  2. Couldn’t have him telling stories about the names in the sealed file in Florida. The elitist scum that did this knew that if they in the same situation they’d sing their butts off, and they couldn’t have that. Too many multi-millionaires and billionaires names might come up if Eppie got to talking, and those people are above the law.

  3. I see that the possibility of any further investigation is more than likely null and slick Willy and many others will get off scot free as many have over the years. Tired of paying off politicians perversions with our tax money and the fact is it happens with tax funds.

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