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BREAKING: Democrat Elites Behind College Bribery Scandal

Not only do Democrats cheat when it comes to politics, they cheat at just about EVERY step.

Several of the wealthy parents netted in the FBI’s “Operation Varsity Blues” are big money Democratic donors, including actress Felicity Huffman and her husband Willam H. Macy, who are accused of spending somewhere between $15,000 and $45,000 to “assist” their daughter in passing the SATs.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that, of the 33 parents who paid a collective $25 million to scam their children into Ivy League and other selective schools, several are well-known for mingling with the who’s who of Democratic elite.

Huffman, for her part, is a routine Democratic donor, giving thousands to candidates over the years, according to public records. She’s a big fan of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), but typically donates to ActBlue, a group that serves as a clearinghouse for Democratic candidates, allowing donors to bypass individual spending limits.

Thanks to two high-profile indictments on the case (Huffman and fellow actress Lori Loughlin, who may be on the hook for serious wire fraud charges), other parents facing trouble with the FBI have been able to fly below the radar. But that group also includes a fair number of political power players.

Gordon Caplan, the co-chairman of Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP, a huge law firm on the East Coast, spent $125,000, the Free Beacon reports, to have his daughter’s SATs corrected before they were turned in to proctors. He “gave the maximum allowable donation to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He donated an additional $25,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund and $22,300 to the Democratic National Committee in 2016, months before Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Caplan began giving to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) in 2005.”

In 2012, he hedged his bets, though, giving thousands to Republican Candidate Mitt Romney as well as to Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

Real estate magnate Robert Flaxman paid $250,000 to have his kids’ test scores falsified, and to have a coach at the University of San Diego “recruit” his son. He was also an active Clinton donor, who spread his wealth among Democratic candidates nationwide.

A winemaker in California, who paid to have his daughter take a fake SAT, and then bribed administrators at USC, was also a Clinton donor who gave copiously to Kamala Harris’ and Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) campaigns.

Others gave generously to Obama’s campaign, and several supported Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). Almost all of the affected politicians represent consitutuencies in either New York or Californa because that’s where most of the wealthy parents — who could afford paying upwards of $25,000 to cheat the college admissions system — reside. None of the accused are middle class.

The Free Beacon found only one consistant Republican donor among the 33 parents indicted Tuesday — Loughlin’s fashion designer husband, Mossimo G. Giannulli, though he hasn’t given to a campaign since Mitt Romney ran for president in 2012. He and his wife may be facing the most trouble of all of the accused parents, having shelled out nearly half a million dollars to convince the University of Southern California to take their daughter, who reportedly didn’t even want to go to college in the first place.

The FBI says they are not done investigating the college admissions scandal at the core of “Operation Varsity Blues,” and that a number of other parents, coaches, and school administrators may be indicted in the coming days. Both Huffman and Loughlin have turned themselves in to authorities and are out on bail.

Src: The Daily Wire


  1. Liberals follow their leader, Satan – evil as hell and as Satan use the lie as the truth! They have “Left” God and God has left them with the minds of suicidal reprobates marching to hell!

    1. Dave … these people are not “Liberals” that is a term founded in Applied Dialectics. These people are not a collective, they are individuals who acted in a manner which has been common among their wealth status for many decades. I’m tired of every utterance from the media being framed in political party preference. Yes there is evidence these people supported the Democratic Socialist party (DNC), however there is also ample evidence they drive vehicles and ample evidence they eat food and ample evidence they all pay taxes. Therefore, are we to despise their actions on those grounds as well?

      The people of means hold the ability to game just about any situation, which can be influenced by liquidity. This is an historical fact which dates back thousands of years. Personally I could care less that these folks paid vast sums of money to the ivy league degree mills. By hook or crook, I think the saying goes. In the end however, what is purchased through influence, will rarely produce what is needed within the framework of the individuals capability.

      This thrusting onto the world stage of the people of means gaming the collegiate system provides two outstanding points.

      1) If college entrance exams are too difficult for most people to pass, then what is their worth. I imagine this failure to be directly related to Mathematics, where most colleges assume every student needs to understand even the most intense forms of calculus and trigonometry, an idea which is simply not bound in fact. Hence the wealthy game the system to get past the needed math scores… This is an issue not only with SAT but bound in the GED as well where the same approach is leaving millions without high school diplomas. Everyone will use prose to articulate on nearly a daily basis, however it would be a rare event that one would use calculus on a daily basis, unless one is a design engineer or an analyst.

      2) The second issue is based within the stigma of class. Far less fortunate are those who’s parents move in circles of influence in high society, who would never socially accept those incapable of accessing and completing an ivy league education. This system produces social outcasts, a stigma no doubt all of these publicly named in this issue, will become the recipients of its intense rejection. Simply observe the suicide rate among those who move in these circles.

  2. They all will try and get a judge appointed by Obummer so they either get off or get a very light sentence.

  3. I wonder what made these wealthy Hollywood-enheads (as well as their cohorts in this conspiracy) ever think they could get away doing this illegal crap without getting caught?! Whenever things like this occur, 99.9% of the time, if we dig deep enough, we find that the only motivating factor for this kind of corruption is MONEY! Add to that: PRIDE! I’m glad that my parents let me work my way through college…I initially thought that was a bummer, but now I’m glad they did it because I learned to stand on my own two feet and not believe that the world owed me a living!

    1. Hold on. It is not only parent conspiracy to rig the system with bribery. Look at Unions. I know for fact that union leaders in New York City alone , get up to $10,000 dollars for putting workers in preferred jobs, like Superintendent in large buildings, Janitors or maintenance workers. In 1996, when I was looking for a superintendent job or janitor, or maintenance tech, the man who was helping me, came out from office, in Manhattan, and said: – Without $3000 cash, do not even show to these doors. That amount now has gone up to $10,000, and maybe more. If government is interested to find out what is going on with bribery, the discovery with be stunning. You just need to investigate superintendent employment system.
      P.S. You will find out that after the man is hired on happy to get that position, in few years he is fired and his position go to next candidate for other big chunk of bribery. Go and investigate. You will be surprised what a dirty business is played in union-politics affiliation

  4. My question is ? How many of these fake diplomas do we have holding positions in Washington . Since it was a democrat thing . I bet AOC is one . All I can say is they royally got screwed . When you can get a diploma to teach History without ever studying History that should tell you what kind of education system we have . All I see that the so called elite schools turn out are protestors and drug addicts . And lazy people who are willing to give away their freedom to get everything in life for free . When in fact they will be in the bread lines . Because that’s what real socialism is . They even have professors that are so stupid they don’t know that a chain and heavy bicycle lock being cracked across someone’s head won’t kill them .Remember that guy ?

  5. The DNC just keeps on proving that they are a criminal organization! It’s so blatantly obvious it’s almost laughable, and they want to frame President Trump! Hey Adam Schiff, you are a fool.

  6. But never indicted or prosecuted. That’s because Rinos are in collusion and also profit from these scams.

  7. Do people know that the KKK started the DEMOCRATIC party ! betch nothing will happen to there Kids ! I hope the KIDS that got screwed sue the crap out of the SCHOOL S and the guy who was involved

  8. This investigation and these indictments, are somewhat of an issue to most Americans however completely off of their “Concern” radar. Everybody knew the wealthy and people of specific ethnic groups, gamed the collegiate system. This type of activity has been going on for decades, so the news is not alarming to Americans. The purpose of this investigation and these actions as serious crimes is alarming to Americans. Where most don’t care that the wealthy game the system, they are alarmed that the government would move heavy handed, send the FBI in full tactical gear, to perform pre-dawn raids with weapons drawn, over such an insignificant concern.

    I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican, personally I loathe political parties, as they tend to remove the independence of “We the People”, replacing it with “We the Party”, a stigma froth with applied dialectics.

    A slap on the wrist and a fine for gaming the system …. OK but 10 to 20 years in prison and loss of ones ability to generate income… that is extremely, far fetched, in this specific case.

    The only people who put great stock in college degrees are those who live and move in circles of influence and politics. Industry puts far less stock in ivy league generated paper, placing their concern more upon performance of the individual. Too many times in my personal experience, I have interacted with working individuals holding masters and or doctrines degrees who quite frankly have extreme difficulty applying what they are bound by degree to have learned. For this reason, we in the manufacturing industry retain a very intense interview process for prospective candidates for management/supervisory positions.

    Colleges have given themselves to being the construct of philosopha based doctoral conscript in order to acquire an ivy league degree. This system is directly responsible for generating the types of politicians we observe today, being whole cloth owned by the collective, with collective thought and collective articulation. Simply rewind the 2019 state of the union and one can easily observe this collective in action. A collective all dressed in white and watching their leader for hand commands as to when they should stand or sit or respond… Those people are supposed to represent the individuals of a state, what are they doing becoming part of a party lead collective? “We the Party” This is the direct result of the collegiate system of the past 4-5 decades. Further its why most Americans place so little value in such education systems.

  9. I think they should all be put to death. The world will be a better place without these corrupt, and in many cases, ignorant individuals. May deter the next Bernie Madoff.

  10. Actually dumb children belong to Democrats and Republicans and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law all who participated in this. And they are being. At the same time when our own president gave a million dollars when each of his children applied to the college where they were accepted with less than great credentials it seems it runs the gamut. And all of them are wrong and again everyone involved in the scam should be prosecuted and their children jerked out of those schools immediately even if they did not have any idea what was happening.

  11. I hear you bro & agree about the ignorance, stupidity and corruption of the “LEFT” and all their bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. How anyone cannot see what the majority of the democratic party is, the Corruption, the lack of Ethics, how intellectually and morally dishonest they are. I guess the planned dumbing down of America has paid off. They don’t mind destroying lives, do and say anything to stay in power. Absolutely no remorse.Thank’s you scum bags

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