He’s at the end of his road…

Biden’s primary run has been everything but pleasant so far. He was recently shown calling a girl a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” when she answered his question on whether she has ever been to a caucus.

Biden received terrible results at the end of Iowa’s fiasco and now New Hampshire has been even worse. “He came in fifth place, with just 8.4% of the vote.” He was so ashamed of the results, he “abruptly announced that he was bailing from New Hampshire, saying he would leave right away and not spend primary night in the state.”

His campaign is falling further and further down. He had excitement and was creating traction in the beginning, but now he’s beginning to lose steam.

It was thought that Biden was going to be Trump’s major adversary, but we can safely say that there is no way Biden will be able to reach Trump in this upcoming election.

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