He is in his own little world…

Former Vice President Joe Biden was being interviewed recently and had the audacity to say that “the people who are getting hurt” from the coronavirus “are Democrats.”

Biden stated, “Look, the people who are getting hurt are Democrats. Hard-working people. The people who can’t afford to stay home. The people who are getting clobbered. The people who are making an hourly wage. The people who are out there saving our lives, caring the country on their back and losing lives in the process of doing it.”

“They’re the people who are in trouble, a lot of millionaires aren’t in trouble, people making tens of millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars, they’re not in trouble. But the people who are trouble are the very people that are our constituency.”

Obviously he would need to be called out for that. Which he did:

Biden is in his own little world if he thinks ONLY the Democrats are being hurt by the pandemic. He probably only cares about Democrats and could not care any less if any Republican died from the pandemic.

Read the full story here.

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