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Biden Makes PROTECTING Illegals His Priority

Rather than worrying about Americans, Joe Biden is shaping his presidential campaign to stand for illegals.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said during a campaign stop in California on Wednesday that the United States has an “obligation” to give healthcare to illegal aliens.

“I think that anyone who is in a situation where they’re in need of healthcare, regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented, we have an obligation to see that they are cared for,” Biden said in Los Angeles. “That’s why I think we need more clinics around the country.”

Biden dismissed the notion that many illegal aliens come into the United States illegally through the southern border despite the fact that immigration arrests along the border are at a 12-year high.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detained 109,144 migrants along the boundary with Mexico last month, a 6 percent increase from March, as monthly arrests reached their highest point since 2007,” The Washington Post reported. “Unauthorized border crossings have more than doubled in the past year, and they are on pace to exceed 1 million on an annual basis, as Guatemalan and Honduran families continue streaming north in record numbers with the expectation they will be quickly processed and released from custody.”

“Our apprehension numbers are off the charts,” Carla Provost, chief of the Border Patrol, told the Senate on Wednesday. “We cannot address this crisis by shifting more resources. It’s like holding a bucket under a faucet. It doesn’t matter how many buckets we have if we can’t turn off the flow.”

“My greatest concern is that we will no longer be able to deliver consequences and we will lose control of the border,” Provost added.

HotAir noted that most people do not “appreciate how bad the situation is” until they read a new report where “the acting head of DHS starts describing the number of Guatemalans arriving in the U.S. as a percentage of the country’s total population.”

In a 2017 report, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) wrote:

At the federal, state, and local levels, taxpayers shell out approximately $134.9 billion to cover the costs incurred by the presence of more than 12.5 million illegal aliens, and about 4.2 million citizen children of illegal aliens. That amounts to a tax burden of approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member and a total of $115,894,597,664. The total cost of illegal immigration to U.S. taxpayers is both staggering and crippling. In 2013, FAIR estimated the total cost to be approximately $113 billion. So, in under four years, the cost has risen nearly $3 billion.

The massive surge in illegal aliens crossing the southern border “is being fueled by lax U.S. policies, and particularly a court ruling in 2015 that illegal immigrant parents who travel with children must be released within 20 days,” The Washington Times reported. “That is too little time to complete a court case, meaning the government has no choice but to set the families free on the vain hope that they return for deportation hearings.”

The Washington Times added that federal immigration authorities have already released 168,000 illegal alien family members into U.S. communities this fiscal year.

“They have received the message loud and clear: Bring a child, you will be released,” Provost said.

Src: The Daily Wire


  1. I guess Uncle Joe has forgotten how many Americans need health care. Will the illegals have to meet their deductible?

  2. I guess now that he isn’t with Obumer anymore, he feels he needs to bring in illegals for the vote, good Lord the Dumocraps have total!y lost their freakin minds! He even thinks we need to pay for their healthcare, besides everything else! I guess he hasn’t heard legal, honest American tax payers don’t even have those benefits, and in case he didn’t know it, it’s the tax payers that are paying for all these ILLEGALS, it doesn’t come from some magic bank account! Dumocraps!!! Trump 2020!

  3. Biden is a DUMBA$$!!! He is NOTHING but a piece of $HIT that needs to flushed downs the nearest toilet!!!

  4. biden you are a dumb a$$,, the number 1 thing for a president is to protect America and its citizens. do any of you dems care about America or its people, I dont think so. what you dems want to do is destroy our country. obummer and you did every thing you could to bring down this country. you weaken our military, gave 150 million to iran, help ship our jobs to another country, put more people on welfare, you tried to shut down our coal and put so many restrictions on oil. every thing you aholes did was half ass backwards. up is down, right is wrong, every thing you did was wrong. and by the way if iran had a change to hurt you they would

  5. Quit sending me this dumb stuff. You have a racist thug for a president. Id put anybody in the White House over that loser!

  6. I don’t believe that ‘Ol Joe wants to be president. I think he is playing both ends against the middle and deliberately throwing the campaign already. At this point I have no idea who the democrat candidate will be but I’ll bet the farm it wont be Joe. I think HE will see to that. Crazy you say??? I don’t think so. He can “get beaten” in the primaries and still maintain his status in the system. He doesn’t need the money and his retirement is secure. So why take on the problems and battles??? If you recall he did the same thing last time.

  7. The democrats are the party of Socialist, Communist, Nazis and take their agenda from the Hitler playbook. They could care less about us Americans, because the riff raff will vote for them because they give the country away to the illegals and screw the American citizens. It is the only way they can get elected to office, because some stupid governors in some states let illegals vote, and don’t pay attention to the voting rolls to see and make sure that illegals can’t and don’t vote. When will the American Public wake up to what the Democratic party really is not vote for them. I use to be a democrat, but it didn’t take me long to wake up and see the writing on the wall as to what the democrats stood for, and I sure did change parties in a hurry. The best move I ever make in my life, and I never have looked back.

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