Two Donald Trump supporters openly carrying firearms sat outside the campaign office of a Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia for nearly 12 hours on Thursday, according to CBS affiliate Newsplex in Charlottesville.

One of the protesters, Daniel Parks, told Newsplex that he held the protest to support Trump.

“I’m just trying to provide a voice for someone who might be closet supporters of Trump. Other people that are a little worried to speak out because of possible persecution,” he said.

Parks and another Trump supporter who later joined him outside the campaign of the campaign office Democrat Jane Dittmar’s office in Palmyra, Virginia, were openly carrying guns, Su Wolff, a volunteer for Dittmar, told Newsplex.

“He turned sideways to be sure that we would see that he has an open carry gun, which is legal, it’s fine, but it’s intimidating,” she said of one protester. “If he wants to support his candidate that’s fine, but don’t come here and stare into the office all day.”

Parks told Newsplex that he was not a threat and that he was carrying a gun legally.

“We’re not a threat to anybody, the only threat is ignorance, and ignorance will breed fear,” he said.

Dittmar is running against State Sen. Thomas A. Garrett Jr. (R) for the 5th Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. Robert Hurt, who is not seeking re-election.


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