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AOC: Unemployment Is Exciting

It almost sounds like a joke, However Ocasio-Cortez is not joking in the slightest bit.

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said on Saturday that people should be “excited” about “being automated out of work” and suggested that she supports taxing corporations at 90%.

Ocasio-Cortez made the remarks while speaking at the left-leaning South by Southwest Conference & Festival in Austin, Texas — where she also said America was in a state of “garbage” and suggested that former President Ronald Reagan was a racist.

“We should not be haunted by the specter of being automated out of work,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “We should not feel nervous about, you know, the toll booth collector not having to collect tolls anymore.”

“We should be excited by that,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “But the reason we’re not excited by it is because we live in a society where if you don’t have a job, you are left to die, and that is at its core a problem. And so there are a lot of different solutions— a lot of different proposed, uh, ideas about how we go about that.”

Ocasio-Cortez then appeared to support Bill Gates’ idea of “taxing robots at 90 percent,” explaining: “what that means— what he’s really talking about is taxing corporations at 90 percent, um, but it’s easier to say tax a robot.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s comments about how “its a core problem” that people should have to work in order to live goes back to her far-left Green New Deal, which stated that it would provide “Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work.”

Her remarks that people should not be worried about losing their jobs to automation is absurd, as recent reports predict that tens of millions of Americans will be jobless in the coming decades due to automation.

Polling from Pew Research has found that approximately 85% of American “support restricting workforce automation to jobs that are dangerous or unhealthy for humans to do, including 47% who support the idea strongly.”

“Over the next 13 years, the rising tide of automation will force as many as 70 million workers in the United States to find another way to make money, a new study from the global consultancy McKinsey predicts,” The Washington Post reported. “That means nearly a third of the American workforce could face the need to pick up new skills or enter different fields in the near future, said the report’s co-author, Michael Chui, a partner at the McKinsey Global Institute who studies business and economics.”

Ocasio-Cortez, who drew big crowds, was also the subject of criticism at the event as former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz slammed her Green New Deal.

“Going back to the Green New Deal, in the Green New Deal there is a proposal that says that by 2030 every building in America is going to be transformed to clean energy,” Schultz said. “Now, that’s a well-intentioned idea but it’s never going to happen. Let’s propose things that are true, that are honest, that are sincere, and that are realistic.”

“There’s nothing free in America,” Schultz continued. “So these proposals about Medicare for all, and free college, and a government job for everybody, that is not free. So someone is going to have to pay for that and that means that taxes for everyone is going to have to go up or someone’s going to have to wave a magic wand and do something that doesn’t exist but that has to be paid for by somebody and the difficulty in trying to pay for any of that is we’re sitting with twenty-two trillion dollars of debt that has to be addressed.”

Src: The Daily Wire


      1. She is an actress, that was found in around 15,000 people that applied for her job. I just saw an article about it. The main person behind this is the person that has the show Young Turk and of course, George Soros has his people in it, too. She is a fake and is coached on everything she does and says. I watched the video on it and it is hard to deny what is happening. The video is definitely an eye opener.

      2. What worries me, is that her constituents will re-elect this psychopathic hater of America’s principles.

      3. What worries me, is that her constituents will re-elect this psychopathic hater of Americian principles.

    1. The Green New Deal {GND} may appear unrealizable now BUT let me remind ourselves that in the early 60’s WHEN NEWLY ELECTED PRESIDENT JFK TOLD American THAT WE MUST land in the MOON many doubting Thomases did not believe and were joking at him. America landed in the MOON despite the doubt. So we must not trash AOC on her far fetched GND but work to do what we can and see what becomes of her and her DREAMS.
      Asuzu Agwunobi

    1. Yup , well, like, uh, um, fer sure…every time this rocket scientist opens her socialist pie hole, she like totally tells the um entire uh world, that’s she’s like totally a total loon, fer sure! Oh wait, that would be in a sane society….like um, never mind, fer sure! 🤔😜😔

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  2. Calling the United States garbage. Piss on this fucking bitch. Hang this pig and then deport her to iran.


  3. Everytime she opens her mouth out comes STUPID!!! Cannot for the life of me figure out who – why – voted this ignorant person to Congress!!

  4. Well if the dumbest person I have should be happy without a job,why doesn’t she quit. She would make millions happy if she had her mouth was wired shut. I know I would be really happy if she were jobless and unable to say any more of her stupid crap!

  5. well, OAC should KNOW: LIVING OFF Parents WEALTH IS EASY & BETTER than Having a JOB/ WORKING, leaves No time to be A STUPID, IGNORANT, SELF-CENTERED IDIOT, Who, each time OPENS her Mouth..just makes her look, AND SOUND as IF SHE DOES BELONG IN A MENTAL INSTITUTION ..
    Guess, she HAS NO Self WORTH..!!!!!!!!

  6. She states that being jobless is good (no money)
    But yet she wants Americans to send her money. She is very sick

    1. Since she seems to think not having a job is good, why does she have a job in Congress? Oh, I get it now! So, she can have a fancy place to live, among other things! Some people do not practice what they preach.

  7. Totally agree AOC, please show us the way. Start with donating your overpaid salary for starters.
    Then maybe you can trade your Nikes in for a piece of leather to sew some souls. And of course Uber is forever more out of the question.

  8. I’d like to see her practice what she preaches. She is a statistic on drugs with some sort of alcoholic inspiration.

  9. Okay enough with this ass stop giving her a platform to speak. She is completely clueless I am sure all the people being replaced by automation would disagree with her. Hopefully she is a one term rep. and the idiots that voted for her wake up and realize how truly stupid she is

  10. Building a third world country…..understand, SHE thinks SHE’S really important so SHE would have a cushy government job where SHE could tell everyone else how they could live. Dream on, chick.

  11. I can’t help but wonder if she isn’t mentally impaired? Honestly. She seems simple ….. or evil. How did she make it to congress??? This woman is going to be receiving a fat retirement for life! Wow! I do hope it is only 1 term! It is amazing how much support and followers she seems to have.

  12. What we’re really not happy about is AOC in Congress. Talk about gross miscarriage of justice. Her policies and ideas besides being totally dumb are totally against everything America stands for. We were happier without her, Omar and Rashid – the three biggest anti-Americans ever.


  14. Yes AOC is a WHACK JOB, especially since she now runs in circles with some of the stinking Democrats that rob us in order to become rich while in office and then the Globalists that fund her too.

  15. All the people that elected her and the Muslim are proud of their self now, they got what they wanted now what do you do with 2 thief’s that have stolen money from their campaigns’ and the Muslim got over a million, and the other one got thousands, both should be serving time and not in office. They never should have been there. follow the money trail, see how a Muslim and a bartender could raise that much money and have no link to the politicians before they sprang up!!

  16. if this is what my party has turned in to its needs to be disolved and start over without these idiots

  17. What does President Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have in common? They both like to sleep with a lot of women! AOC is a big-time lesbian with multiple partners, usually they do it together in groups! Her main lovers that we originally knew about include Ashleigh Banfield, Ariel Gold and Angela Davis and we just found out that Sonny Hostin, Michelle Goldberg and Maria Cardona also participate in these sex parties with AOC! Other women who sometimes have sex with AOC and company are Tamika Mallory with her lover Natalie Portman as well as musicians Lorde and Lana Del Rey!

  18. What mental institution did she come from. She hasn’t had an intelligent thought come out of that mouth since she started.


    1 What was her GPA?
    2 What kind of fool would date her?
    3 Did the owner of the bar pay people to vote for her because she was making his ears bleed & he wanted her as far away as possible.
    4. If the voters in her area weren’t paid to vote for her is it because our educational system is so bad that they are as dumb as she is?
    5. How long will Pelosi stand aside & let this little twit claim she is the “boss?”
    Am I the only one wondering about these things?

  21. AOC, your the first one to be put out of work. A robot will be smarter than the dumb shit you are speeding. So go and see just how exciting it is.

  22. This So=called Media Has to be Made responsible For Their hand in this on-going fiasco called ‘aoc’… For It is too evident to Anyone who possesses even a tiny pea-brain that What THEY are doing is ‘ akin to Prodding a dead snake who is beginning to smell ( just for the Funofit …for personal entertainment… looking to ‘calculate just how much Stupidity can the American people absorb before turning rabid with anger. Where does this Big mouthed piece spring from…Really ? Isn`t it time past-due to realize there is a limit to how much of this ridiculous rhetoric this one will be allowed to spew out of her totally idiotic face. OR , let`s consider..that this msm that noone looks to for anything worthwhile to throw out here…is just as dumb as a door-bell that isn`t hooked up ? Think how much Cleaner the air Would Smell..Without The Baloney this Unknown,,Unwanted ..nobody is spewing out ..non-stop… while obviously unaware of how Stupid she is. Time this nonsense ceased.

  23. This is the typical crap that comes out of comes out of the present progressive school systems, totally brainwashed, clueless.

  24. If she is excited about people being out of work, she should quit Washington and go back to New York to draw her welfare. Idiots like her talk stupid while they draw big paychecks off the taxpayers. She sounds like she has been coached to come up with stupid ideas, then can’t answer any real questions. She is nothing but a airhead idiot.

  25. If AOC truly thinks it is no big deal to be unemployed, why doesn’t she donate her salary just the way Pres. Trump has chosen to do??She should put up or shut up.

  26. “society where if you don’t have a job you’re left to die” ?????????? Is she talking about America? People VOTED for that? I’d check the number of dead voters and cats which voted, and voter matches, and…..

  27. AOC’s reply; “Like, like I mean, you know, like like”….sounds and acts like a not so bright twelve year old school girl

  28. As Margaret Thatcher said, the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples’ money! If I wanted to live in a Marxist state, I’d move to one! Let’s not make the USA into one. I’ve met folks from a number of Marxist/ex-Marxist countries and everyone said pretty much the same thing: communism sucks! If it’s so wonderful, why did so many people risk their lives getting away from it? Why would many Cubans rather work in unskilled labor jobs in the USA than in professional careers in Cuba?

  29. Typical Socialist Scum ! She’s making a Great salary off Our Tax dollars , possibly funneling money to her boyfriend, she sets up a 3000 sq ft office in dc , Again on Our Tax dollars , and she’s Clueless to how things really work .. just another Idiot !

  30. I’ve been keeping a very close watch over this women as I felt she was a problem upon her swearing in. Stupid is not even the correct word for her. She’s even beyond ignorant. The thing that frightens me the most is that there are other stupid people who will fall for her “free everything” line of crap. I bet all the illegals who the Dems want to give the right to vote, will surely go along with AOC’S plan. You know, don’t work and collect everything for free. Somewhere along the line, even these morans will have to realize that “someone” must pay for all the freebies they want to receive. Also will somebody please tell AOC that anyone educated or over the age of 12 stops saying “ummm”, and “like” every other word. Is that all she can come up with on the spot?

    Don’t get me started on the two Muslim women. Why this country fails to see what is ahead amazes me. The Dems are so afraid of “hurting” certain groups that they’ll bend over backward to see that Muslims in this country get everything THEY want. We’re not supposed to mention God, but the streets of lower Manhattan are closed down for Muslim prayer. Our schools are now told what to serve for lunches, and some companies are even allowing Muslims time off for prayer. Humm–can I mention God somewhere please?

  31. We shouldn’t be concerned about AOC. The real and frightening thing about having her in office is the mindsets of those who voted to put her there,


  32. This woman shouldn’t be allowed out on her own as she demonstrates she has a horrifying absence of brain cells to be able to take care of herself -she needs a keeper!

    “Ocasio-Cortez’s comments about how “its a core problem” that people should have to work in order to live goes back to her far-left Green New Deal, which stated that it would provide “Economic SECURITY for ALL WHO are unable or UNWILLING TO WORK.” ”
    “Her remarks that people should not be worried about losing their jobs to automation is absurd, as recent reports predict that tens of millions of Americans will be jobless in the coming decades due to automation.”

  33. I posted this on other sites to get it out there.
    Alexandria Occasionally Conscience is a puppet. She sticks to a script, but when she veers from it she gets flustered and spews nonsense.
    This video is interesting and explains a lot.

  34. This is not the first time a Democrat said that people should be glad to be unemployed. Remember back when the communists foisted Obamacare on our nation? When it was pointed out that it would put people out of work they said, “well then they will have to time for a new hobby, maybe go back to school, etc.”

  35. She is a very ignorant person but their are people in this country that like the idea that the working class get taxed heavily so they don’t have to work!

  36. When AOC speaks, all that comes out is stupidity, go back being a bartender, in A dive bar.

  37. AOC said to the Wells Fargo CEO ““Why would you why would you invest in a pipeline when it leaks, when it leaks oil and destroys the environment? Why would you want that?” She doesn’t even know that Banks just FINANCE PROJECTS they do not run them. It’s like saying that since a bank provides an auto loan and the driver crashes into someone the bank is at fault…. This LADY IS AN IDIOT!

  38. Math wasn’t on Ocasio-NoCortex’s itinerary in school. Btw, her school was “Famous Bartending School Newark NJ”. That should tell you everything you need to know about NoCortex. I’d bet my lunch money that she couldn’t make correct change for a single beer.

  39. Ocasio-NoCortex went to bartender school. She couldn’t make correct change for a single beer, and Demwits want her to have a say in our national finances? Please, some deal with this nincumpoop.

  40. AOC…Great idea about being automated out of work…we will just make you a robot that we can turn OFF and automate you out of a job!!

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