This is just ridiculous.

Recently on MSNBC, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) accused President Trump of attempting to “tear down our democracy” by claiming that he will have sheriffs keeping an eye on polling places.

According to Breitbart, host Andrea Mitchell asked, “The president said last night on Fox News that he’s going to have sheriffs monitoring polling places. Is that intimidating?”

Schiff replied, “Absolutely. We have experience in this in California, Southern California, many years ago, there were efforts to bring out security law enforcement personnel to intimidate Latino voters and discourage them from showing up at the polls. This is an old playbook that the president is using. We’ll, of course, fight this abuse of law enforcement resources.”

“And we are currently fighting, and I think the public outcry has been helpful, the effort to degrade and dismantle the Postal Service to interfere with people casting votes by absentee ballot,” he said. But this voter intimidation, this fraud that the president is trying to perpetrate in terms of suggesting you can’t vote by mail even though that’s how he votes by mail. It just shows you the lengths this president will go to because he’s so desperately worried about losing, the lengths he’ll go to as President Obama said to tear down our democracy. He just doesn’t care.”

You can watch a clip of Schiff’s comments here.

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