AOC Didn’t know what to say…

Latina Republican congressional candidate Catalina Lauf, 26, blasted socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) during an interview on Tuesday, saying that unlike Ocasio-Cortez, she loves America.

Lauf appeared on Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.,” where she addressed the “anti-AOC” label people have attributed to her ever since she announced her congressional run last week.

“I’m not anti-anyone, I’m pro-America,” Lauf said. “If there’s contrast there it’s that I’m fiercely driven by a love for my country and I’m not driven by a hate for everything that it stands for like AOC and the rest of her friends on the other side.”


Lauf’s interview came after she has seen her public image rise significantly over the last week alone, going from 1,000 followers to 16,000 followers in just a few days and being featured in The Daily Wire, The New York Post, and Fox News.

Lauf had her first cable news appearance Saturday on Fox News’ “FOX & Friends” where she defended the Trump administration’s hardline stances on immigration and pushing back on the notion that wanting to enforce immigration law makes a person “racist.”

“It’s so sad, he’s not a racist, you know people like my mom and my grandmother and many other Hispanic Americans who have come here legally feel so insulted by that because they did it the right way and there is a process for it and you should be a law-abiding citizen,” Lauf said. “President Trump is doing his best to protect the country and we should be enforcing legal immigration laws.”

Lauf also talked about how she plans to reach millennials and about her desire to be a voice that champions freedom.

“I think it starts by creating a unifying message, number one,” Lauf said. “I think Millennials are very, you know, reasonable people, we have power of voice and we have conviction and I think they need leadership to understand that freedom should come first. we don’t have that right now for our generation and I hope and inspire to be that.”

Src: The Daily Wire