A recent poll by Univision suggests an increasing support for former President Donald Trump among Hispanic voters, representing one of the most comprehensive Hispanic bipartisan primary public surveys for the 2024 elections to date.

The survey reveals that 50% of Hispanic Republicans would choose Trump in the GOP primary, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis securing 12% and businessperson Vivek Ramaswamy getting 9%. Notably, even with four federal indictments, Trump’s support among this demographic is at 36%, up by 4% since he left office in January 2021, based on an earlier Univision News poll.

The survey involved 1,400 registered voters, with 759 identifying as Republican. It’s one of the most extensive surveys targeting Hispanic voters this election season.

García-Rios, Univision Noticias’ Director of Polling and Data, remarked on Monday, “This groundbreaking national survey sheds light on the priorities and aspirations of the Hispanic community, offering a deeper understanding especially of Hispanic Republicans. It’s a chance to gauge the diverse opinions within this community nationwide.”

However, in a hypothetical matchup between current President Biden and Trump, the poll suggests that 58% of Hispanics would back Biden, and 31% would support Trump.

While Trump has a significant following among Hispanic Republicans, the overall Hispanic voting group doesn’t seem to be leaning strongly Republican, as observed by analysts.

Over half of the Hispanic respondents in the survey, regardless of political alignment, expressed significant concerns about the economy. They also felt the Democrats are better suited to address these issues. Concerns about healthcare costs and housing stood out, with 27% and 25% of respondents emphasizing them. Yet, a considerable number of voters feel neither party adequately addresses economic challenges.

Following economic concerns, many Hispanic voters rank mass shootings and gun control as the second most pressing national issue.

On the topic of border security, it’s nuanced for Hispanic voters. Republicans have a narrow lead with 41% trust, compared to 40% for Democrats. There’s a consensus among both Hispanic Democrats and Republicans on the necessity for enhanced border security.

In a separate poll by The Washington Post and ABC, Trump currently surpasses President Biden by 10 percentage points. The results suggest that if elections were held now, Trump would lead Biden 52% to 42%. The survey also showed a negative perception of Biden’s economic and border policies, as well as concerns regarding his age. Biden’s approval rating, according to this poll, is at 37%, with 56% expressing disapproval.