He wasn’t ready for this.

According to Breitbart News, former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden stating he is “out of control.”

“One thing is that he didn’t discuss the border and the fact that tens of thousands of people are pouring into our country, many of them criminals, many of them people from jails, many of them doing acts that you don’t even want to know about. And they’re pouring into our country by the thousands at a level that’s never been seen before, and they’re doing absolutely nothing,” Trump told host Maria Bartiromo. “The wall is almost completed — would have been completed if I didn’t get sued by Congress and the Democrats every single moment, and we beat those cases. We built most of the wall — almost 500 miles of wall, and all we had to do is close up certain areas that we had to keep open until we gained title, et cetera, et cetera. And they just don’t want to finish it. I heard they will finish it, but by the time they do that, it could go very quickly. And the contractors are having a field day because they’re supposed to be finishing the wall. They’ll get paid for finishing the wall. So, they have to do that, and they have to do many other things on the wall.”

“You know, stay in Mexico was a great thing,” he continued. “They don’t come into this country. They stay in Mexico. It’s as simple as that. That was a big deal that when we got that legally, we had to get that, we had to win that, and we won it, and they gave it up. Now, everybody’s pouring into our country. It’s out of control. It could destroy our country if it keeps going, and the longer it goes, the harder it is to stop. We had the best border that we’ve ever had in history, admitted by everybody, and all they had to do is leave it. The Border Patrol is fantastic. The guys and women in the Border Patrol — they’ve done a fantastic job. The ICE agents that we have, I’ve gotten to know so many. They’re phenomenal people. All they had to do is leave it alone. It was so good. It was the best it ever was, and now it’s a disaster. What a shame for our country. It will destroy our country, Maria.” You can read the full article here.

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