How does someone think of something like this?

Tamika Mallory, an extremely liberal activist, went onto CNN recently and told Don Lemon that the only way for the looting and riots to stop, is to “arrest the cops.”

Don Lemon asked her, “Tamika, what are you feeling tonight when you at what’s happening in cities around the country?”

Her response was, “Well, to answer your question how I would handle looters, I would arrest the cops so we can get people off the street and into their homes and be able to really determine who may be looters, who may be criminals, and are actually protesters.”

Then to clarify, Lemon asked, “You said you would arrest the police officers, you mean the police officers who were involved with George Floyd and his death?”

Mallory replied, “I mean police officers who have taken innocent lives all over America.

Read the full story here.

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