This is sheer madness.

Recently on CNN, 2020 Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) flipped the script on the GOP and falsely accused Republicans of packing the court so it’s ok for Democrats to do it too.

According to Breitbart, Harris stated, “I think that Joe Biden has been consistent about saying that this is not the time right now to have this discussion. And frankly, to be honest with you, Don, and just to be very straightforward, if we’re going to talk about court-packing, which is something that, all of a sudden, has become a big point of discussion, I think because our opponents are trying to create a distraction.”

Harris went on to say, “Seriously, if we want to talk about court-packing, can we please talk about — and I’ve witnessed this firsthand on the Senate Judiciary Committee. They’ve been, one after another, nominating people who are unqualified, people who refuse to say that Brown v. Board of Education is precedent. Do you know that they put 50 people on the lifetime federal court of appeals and not one is black? I mean — I just — I’m sorry, but I can’t have a conversation about court-packing, around something that has not even happened yet, which is who is going to be the next president, without dealing with what they’ve been doing for the last few years.”

You can watch a clip of Harris’ comments here.

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