WATCH: Tucker Carlson Guest Explains What The GOP Must Do To Win

Many conservatives feel like the Republican Party has too many RINOs and not enough patriots.

That’s one of the reasons why less was done about the 2020 election than many had hoped for.

But there’s a reason why the Party keeps pushing RINOs on us, and solving that problem is pretty simple.

American Greatness senior writer and intellectual Pedro Gonzalez took a crack at conservatives on a new episode of Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today.”

Gonzalez challenged the Republican Party to look into how the right has changed throughout history and question why more and more people are leaning left. He stressed that the party must start listening to the people instead of the politicians.

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He went on to explain his reasoning:

“I think it’s important whenever you hear a Republican say, ‘we need to be compassionate and consider things like amnesty’ or, ‘America’s a nation of immigrants.’ Have you seen how the immigrants are doing in places like California?” he asked. “And then you wonder why more and more people vote for the Democratic Party or every generation seems to be a little bit less patriotic than the last. We can’t seem to figure this out.”

In the episode titled, ‘Nothing Left to Conserve,’ Gonzalez boldly called most Republican lawmakers “spineless or stupid” while being advised by Republican heads like GOP pollster Frank Luntz.

The writer explained that politicians must be held accountable and understand that holding an elected office means answering the wants and needs of their constituents. 

“That’s actually how we should be thinking of politicians,” he said. “You’re not giving me an opinion – I put you in office, I gave you power and you’re going to do what myself and my community, the Republican base at large, [want].”

“You’re there because we put you there to do what we want. Because we have a dream or a vision of the country and it’s your job to help realize that; not your job to gaslight me and tell me… ‘Well, we can’t do stimulus checks, but we can do a bigger budget for the defense industry.’”

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This is the answer to the problems in the Republican Party.

It needs to start listening to patriots, not special interests.

And it needs to represent the will of the people who vote for it.

This is exactly why Trump won in 2016.

He beat the Republican establishment using his America First instincts.

And then he won the Presidential election and beat the Deep State and the Democrats.

We need to remember that when the Party attempts to push status-quo candidates in the 2022 primaries and in 2024.

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