They are proving themselves to be nothing more than total scum…

Singer and actress Bette Midler made her feud with President Donald Trump even more personal than before by attacking his wife.

In a crude and lewd poem to the president she insulted his “manhood” and imagined first lady melania Trump “on her knees.”

“A poem from Melania: Each day I’m filled with the hope That #Donald won’t be such a Dope, she began her tweet.

“So I get on my knees, And say vip it out plise As I reach for my new microscope,” she said mocking the accent of the first lady.

It is a vile and classless representation of what this deranged has been has become since Election Day 2016 as evidenced by her most recent diatribe prior to this.

Actor and singer Bette Midler is good at a lot of things, but not tripping on her own words is not one of them.

She was furious at the Supreme Court’s decision to allow President Donald Trump to use funds from the Department of defense to fund the Border wall.

But in her haste to attack the president she accidentally nailed several Democrat candidates for president, including Pete Buttigieg.

“Boy, it pays to #PACKTHECOURT! The Supreme Court, the actual SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES rules that the MILITARY has to GIVE UP $2.5 billion to Trump for his confounded wall. WONDER WHO THE CONTRACTORS ARE GOING TO BE??” she said.

For purposes of explaining to her, and others, what “packing the court” means, it is not the idea of having 9 Justices and adding justices for vacancies.

What “packing the court” means is adding Justices, more then the traditional 9, in order to get the Court to bend to your will.It is an idea backed by many of the Democrat candidates for president like Buttigieg and former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

“First they steal a Supreme Court seat, and then they turn around and change the rules on the filibuster on a Supreme Court seat,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren said.

“So when it swings back to us what are we going to do? I think all the options are on the table,” she said in an interview in March.”One idea that I think is interesting is, you have 15 members, but only ten of them are appointed in the political fashion. Five of them can only be seated by unanimous agreement of the other ten,” Mayor Pete Buttigieg said.

“The bottom line is, we’ve got to make some kind of structural form to depoliticize the Supreme Court,” he said to “Fox News Sunday.”“What if there were five justices selected by Democrats, five justices selected by Republicans, and those ten then picked five more justices independent of those who chose the first ten?” Beto O’Rourke said.

“I think that’s an idea that we should explore,” he said. “The Court should be able to reflect the diversity that we are composed of in this country.”

She should join Republicans who are against the idea of packing the Court, but she has no idea what she is talking about.

Src: The Federalist Papers