He’s going after all the weak Republicans.

During a recent airing of Fox News, Tucker Carlson opened with calling out Republicans for being “weak” and because of that, the Left took advantage of the opportunity.

Carlson said, “If you want to be left alone to do your job and raise your family in this country, you will need a protector. That protector must be the Republican Party. There are no other options. But it must be a very different kind of Republican Party.”

He created three elements that he believed Republicans should want. The first one being Republicans should want to work hard to “make America fair again.” The second being that Republicans needed to defend the First Amendment, and the third being to remind Republican officials that the party is there to serve “ordinary people.”

Carlson ended by saying, “Instead of improving the lives of their voters, the party feeds them a steady diet of my mindless symbolic victories, partisan junk food designed to make them feel full even as they waste away. Who cares how many Benghazi hearings we have. We are supposed to care. Why should we? How did Peter Strzok’s text messages become more important than saving American jobs from foreign nationals who are taking them? It is lunacy. We fall for it every time.”

Read the full story and watch a clip here.

Image Credit: Fox News