Pearlie Golden, or “Miss Sully” as her neighbors called her, was a 93-year-old woman living in Hearne, Texas who was upset that her nephew was taking her car keys the night she was gunned down by police.

When Hearne police responded late at night to a 911 call about reports of a woman with a gun, they didn’t know they would be running into Miss Golden.

According to police officer Stephen Stem, upon arriving on the scene he asked Miss Golden to drop the handgun she was holding.

When she didn’t respond to his request, he opened fire on the old woman, incapacitating her immediately.

“Miss Sully” was then taken to the local hospital where she died from the injuries sustained during the shooting.

Though a revolver was found at the scene of the shooting, an investigation has been opened. This is the second shooting officer Shem has been involved in in just the past two years. The investigation into the death of “Miss Sully” is being handled by the Texas Rangers.

When probed on the shooting, The Hearne Police Department responded:

“She did have a gun. Now, what she was doing with it, that is the ultimate question.”

According to the Houston Chronicle:

City attorney Bryan Russ Jr. said the officer has been put on paid administrative leave as is standard protocol when an officer is involved in a shooting. “What we believe is that she was instructed to drop the weapon, that is my understanding,” Russ said.

This hasn’t stopped local townspeople to cry out in protest. Residents took to the streets and demonstrated against what they feel is the wrongful death of a beloved neighbor.

William Foster, the organizer of the march told those in attendance:

“We can’t just keep sitting around accepting what’s going on with this town. It’s time for a change.”